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Xy->ad functions / second output value

Dear friends,

Small information about the geometrical functions like xy->ad or ad->xy: It seems that the second output disappeared and the second value of the multiple-value could not be used for further calculation (even with sth like with multiple-value-to-list).

Thanks to the very beautiful 3D visualizer and editor in OM#, I am working on a small geometrical project to realize the graphical transformation and duplication like rotation, reflection, homothety and so on (The reason is, the 32-bit Medit - the visualizer of Modalys – will not support the version after Catalina, so, for the reason of durability and effectivity, I am planning to visualize the Finite Element Objects directly in OM#).

It would be so nice if the xy->ad functions could work in a classical way like OM6 in next update. Thank you so much for your help and wish you have a nice summer!

Best regards,
Jialin Liu

Thanks for the report! This will be corrected in the next update,