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Xp4l 1.01 release for OS X

Dear all,
xp4l, a new flexible spatial sound system for Ableton live is released. It partially uses Ircam spat~ library (spat 5.2.4).

From now on, information, release updates, and content related to this subject will be posted under this tread.

Project info :

xp4l is a project initiated during an artistic research residency and distributed through its own website.

Complete information and download are available at www.xp4l.com


Mac OS

Recommended minimum computer requirements:
2,9 GHz Intel Core i7 - 16 Go / with Radeon Pro 560 4 Go or equivalent.

Mac os 10.14 and above (Not tested on Apple Silicon M1)

Note: it is quite likely possible to work on lower Mac os version from os 10.11 and with lower computer spec. You can test your set up with the demo version. If it works for the demo, then the full version should work.

Ableton 10 or 11

with Max For live extension updated to max8.

Ircam Spat library

Current supported version is spat 5.2.4


xp4l is based on a standalone (purchased), max based built, and a max-for-live devices suit (free)

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First episode of a new video tutorial serie.

Installing and authorizing xp4l

Second tutorial episode : Configuration

Third tutorial episode : Create sound source (with xp4)

Nxt steps for xp :

Windows version in Oct/Nov, with likely some correction, maybe addition of one or two new features (3d models import). Meanwhile, thx to spat~, the xp4l.source can be used either with polar or cartesian mode.

xp4l will be presented during FulldomeUk festival this week end. It’s happening in Plymouth dome (19 speakers)


Full video presentation during FulldomeUK can be watched here :