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Xp is being adapted to a new workflow in order to offer a different way to perform on the legendary IKO, a large array loudspeaker designed at IEM, and currently distributed by Sonible.

I will probably create a specific topic/project, but in the meantime, i will share news in this thread.

You can have a look on this video to understand the workflow.

It basically uses:

  • Xp.iko: a specific version of XP where the Iko is modelized in 3d,
  • Iko.renderer : a standalone application to render audio, with different features.
  • and a bundle of max for live devices adapted from the Xp one. There’s no engine in this bundle as the audio is sent to the renderer directly.

I hope to be able to release the system later in the year. Before that it will be used for a live performance in Berlin.

Xp.iko is part of the new initiative carried by Spaes lab : https://www.ikoweave.com/

Just received from our mate artist Gerriet K. Sharma from Spaes lab

Over the winter and spring, I had the privilege of collaborating with Gerriet to develop xp.iko, a specialized version of XP tailored specifically for the large array loudspeaker known as IKO. To get a glimpse of the results of our efforts, I encourage you to watch this short video showcasing the setup and the promising output of our work. Witnessing this video will leave you as enthused as I am about the potential of this innovative project.

It brings me great pleasure to inform you that this project marks the first utilization of the prototype of our new system. We have high hopes at XP for its success and aim to release a public version later this year, enabling a wider audience to experience its remarkable capabilities.

Xp.iko is using, as Xp, widely Spat~ library, and i d like to thanks again @tcarpent for the work, providing us a wide range of tools to enrich immersive experience design using spatial sound.

In the meantime follow Jan Urbiks and Gerriet K. Sharma to know more on the project. It will be presented this week at Callies in Berlin

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Starting next week, I’m excited to return to Berlin for an artistic research residency at Spaes Lab, thanks to the support of the EU and Goethe Institut.
This opportunity builds on my collaboration last year, where I worked on adapting XP for the iconic IKO loudspeaker.
While the project was not yet ready for distribution, my goal during this residency is to further develop and finalize the framework as much as possible. Additionally, I plan to lay the groundwork for a new piece utilizing this technology.

More to follow in the upcoming weeks/months.

This work was produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The views expressed herein can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Union.

I am excited to unveil some initial details about Xp.iko, a tailored version of Xp crafted exclusively for the iconic large array speaker from sonible : IKO.

While the project is not yet 100% complete, we have developed a core system that meets our expectations and are eager to share its progress.

This initiative builds on the fundamental features of Xp by incorporating Max for Live devices and a external application for scene visualization. It has also other specific features to which I will return in due course. It is using as usual few externals made from Spat~ library

We’ve made significant enhancements in the native workflow, particularly in coding and user interface design. I m thrilled to present a glimpse of xp.iko.visual and hope you find its appearance as compelling as we do!
Stay tuned for more info on this project,

In the meantime it worths to check iko here :

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