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Xp 1.12

XP has been updates to 1.12

XP users can connect to theirs accounts to download the last version (dmg).
Install it, and use the device in the dmg

1.12 log info :

bugs :

  • xp.engine : bug fix for speaker layout
  • xp.group : bug fix for enable/disable procedural animation
  • xp.source : bug fix for clear alias
  • standalone : solo patcher hierarchy change (minor bug)
  • standalone : bug fix osc syntax for rotation procedural
  • standalone : bug fix for group delete

Improvements :

  • xp.engine passthrough decoding for ambisonics
  • standalone : ircam spat check at start up.
  • standalone improvements in registering interface
  • xp.source : keymode for alias in xp.source
  • standalone :check for update
  • standalone :message system improvements

From now, the sandalone will check for any available update.

Did you know?

from Xp menu /system, you can enable the “osc speed” limitation, that will help to drastically reduce cpu usage in Ableton while working with XP, especially for generative animation and automation of sound objects.

This is not super well documented yet, so a tutorial will be posted very soon!

Before joining Ircam forum in NYC, I am currently presenting XP at CNAMT/Berkley. I will also address topics around sound field interaction in the context of live performance and spatial audio composition, which stands at the core of XP from the beginning.

CNMAT host a nice 16 speakers layout, suitable for ambisonics 3d. Let’s have fun! :slight_smile:

This stop at CNMAT gives me the opportunity (finally) to take more time to play with XP.

One cool thing could be to use a launchpad (or equivalent) to mute/unmute sources - and make the build up of the audio scene “visible” in a comprehensive way, useful when you need to explain concepts. Mute/solo in XP uses Live api (in JS).

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A couple of nice set up that users are exploring:

SøSTr (Denmark) came up with this custom (arduino based) controler, and this is really a promising way to interact with XP.

And Max Patissier (Uruguay) has connected an ES-9 from Expert Sleepers. Xp has been designed as an instrument to master and play with spatial sound components.

It’s natural to see such a complementary connection with an analog synthesizer that will allow to exploit the full potential of its sound in space, and thus become some kind of modular ‘space’ synth.

Testing head tracking build-in feature in XP. It’s a 6dof implementation, and here we are only demonstrating the yaw/pitch/roll. But you can also assign xyz, for user movement within the audio scene

who said jitter wasn’t great enough already?

XP was set in an outdoor geodesic dome in Illinois for a collective improvisation with modular synth.

And it went pretty well ! :slight_smile:

XP 1.12 is not supporting Ableton Live from 11.2 (last is 11.2.5), which uses the bundled max 8.3.1. Some changes in the max api were made from that version.

An update to 1.13 is coming to fix this issue, with other improvements. In the meantime stay with live up to 11.1.6. You can be using different Ableton live version on the same computer.

Stay tuned!