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XML input? (Or converter to score format?)

Hello! Do you have any plans to accept .xml / .musicxml input?

If not, do you know of any way to convert .xml to your score format?

Best regards!

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sorry for the delay. I think I saw the message and was then distracted and … forgot to reply.

Indeed we have a music XML parser that converts music XML into ISiS scores. We tried it and then dropped it because it seemed way too much work to make it work robustly. One problem was that we need to convert the text i to phonemes, and for that we only have a solution for french. I don’t remember exactly but I think there were also problems with variants generated by different XML generators. I used it however in one project and so for at least one of the XML writing softwares it worked at some point in time.

If there are people interested to look into this we could open source our reader in form of a git repos here on the Forum. I will not be able to participate much though.


For using a xml->cfg score traducer, have a look at the MaxISiS project. Read by the Bach Librairy, the xml files is converted in a CFG score using simple js codes.


All the best