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Workspace from Older Versions of OM

Hi everyone!

I’m doing some research on old pedagogical materials about OM and I’ve found a way to update some of them to OM 7.4. This is the result, for now:

  • Mikhail Malt samples;
  • bpc-examples (require OMChaos library - by M. Malt);
  • Herma maquette (require Alea library - by G. Assayag and M. Malt).

The Virfun patch (gcd-try) is not working anymore in OM 7.4, so if anyone have some thoughts about this, please leave a comment.

WORKSPACE-OM4.zip (237.7 KB)


Thank you Paulo,

About virtfund, if someone does need it it is coded in esquisse library. It seems there is some error in the patch coding.


Hi Karim,

Yes, this is available in Esquisse, but I was just curious to know how it was implemented visually.

I have removed the eval-once from the internal patch and I think the VirtFun patch is working now. At least it shows the same results of OM 4:

OM 4:

OM 7.4:

I know this is off topic, but recently I was forced to upgrade from Mojave to Sonoma (Intel CPU) and, up to now, everything is fine with OM 7.4.


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Great Paolo,

Works for me.
Concerning Sonoma, everything is working with me. Some users had some issues with workspaces. It seems related to a custom feature in Mac. I couldn’t replicate their problem. If you use standard settings this should be ok.

Keep me informed.