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Working with abstractions

Hello Jean,

I switched now to om-sharp 1.0 and ported also my own library successfully (from OM 6.16). Merci beaucoup!

While working with abstractions I recognized 2 things:

  1. The abstraction-name is editable by single-click (and not by double-click) on the name.

  2. “When the value is a number, it is possible to increase/decrease this value…”
    When I do this inside of abstractions (changing a number-value by scrolling) its not updating when I eval afterwards the abstraction.

I hope this helps
Wolfgang (MacOS 10.12.6)

Hi !

I think that’s the intended behavior.

Nice catch! The patch is not recompiled. I’ll fix that.


I think that’s the intended behavior.

Ok, I see (about editing the abstraction-name) because double-click opens the patch… I mentioned it because very often I click in the abstraction-box only to select it (in edit mode) and the abstraction-box-name-field is (unintentionally) highlighted for edit. For me (for my feeling of workflow) would it be better without single-click…

Thanks for your feedback. I’ll see what can be done.