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Win version of Dicy2?

Hi, this tool is wonderful thank you !

It would be great to have a version for Windows users :slight_smile:
Is it in development, or is there any architectural limitations for that ?

Hi !
Thank you for this message! It’s not on the short term calendar, but maybe one day! :slight_smile:



Hi. Quick follow up question. Since DICY2 is basically a Live device, what makes it an Apple MACOS only application? Wouldn’t it be rather simple to install it on a WIN device too?

Kind regards, Temme

Hi ! Thank you for your interest too !

Dicy2 is mainly a package for Max (available here: Dicy2 for Max) and the device version for Max for Live is a " spin-off " offering a small part of the possible playing modes of the Max version.
The Max version (as well as the Live version) work by using a background “server” application built from python code implementing the generative models. It would be a matter of building this server application for windows and adapting the communication with it. It’s not a huge job and it will certainly be done one day, but it’s not on the top of the to-do list yet! :slight_smile:


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Hi Jéröme. Thanks for reaching out. What confuses me I guess is that the MAX version is also presented as a DMG package and specifies MAC OS as the platform - which makes me wonder how / where one would fetch the MAX version as a Windows user (rather than the M4L version)?

Thanks for your time!

EDIT: apologies. I misread. I now understand what you were actually saying. Thanks!

This is what I see when I follow your link

EDIT: ah I misread - gotcha now! BOTH the Max and the Live version rely on that server. Check.

Why not move a Win release on the top of your to do list?
Thanks and re-thanks
Vote for Win_Release-For-President

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  • For a windows version of Dicy2 press here !!!

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Moving it on the top of the to do list will be moved on the top of the to do list ! :wink:


Hi Jéröme, just checking in to know if there are any updates for us Windows users.

I am developing a solo musical project that revolves around the interaction between me (instrument) and my computer (Ableton Live), right now the interaction is just based on the dynamics and the frequencies, so Dicy2 would be an absolute perfect addition. Unfortunately I’m a Windows user.

Thanks for you attention and your work.