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Win version of Dicy2?

Hi, this tool is wonderful thank you !

It would be great to have a version for Windows users :slight_smile:
Is it in development, or is there any architectural limitations for that ?

Hi !
Thank you for this message! It’s not on the short term calendar, but maybe one day! :slight_smile:



Hi. Quick follow up question. Since DICY2 is basically a Live device, what makes it an Apple MACOS only application? Wouldn’t it be rather simple to install it on a WIN device too?

Kind regards, Temme

Hi ! Thank you for your interest too !

Dicy2 is mainly a package for Max (available here: Dicy2 for Max) and the device version for Max for Live is a " spin-off " offering a small part of the possible playing modes of the Max version.
The Max version (as well as the Live version) work by using a background “server” application built from python code implementing the generative models. It would be a matter of building this server application for windows and adapting the communication with it. It’s not a huge job and it will certainly be done one day, but it’s not on the top of the to-do list yet! :slight_smile:


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Hi Jéröme. Thanks for reaching out. What confuses me I guess is that the MAX version is also presented as a DMG package and specifies MAC OS as the platform - which makes me wonder how / where one would fetch the MAX version as a Windows user (rather than the M4L version)?

Thanks for your time!

EDIT: apologies. I misread. I now understand what you were actually saying. Thanks!

This is what I see when I follow your link

EDIT: ah I misread - gotcha now! BOTH the Max and the Live version rely on that server. Check.