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Where to find a complete documentation for pipo modules?


I am trying to understand the ins and outs of pipo modules in order to use them with mubu.process. However there are many parameters. The pipo.catalog is of some help but doesn’t explain everything.

Is there a complete documentation with a description of each parameter available somewhere?

Thank you.


right on time! Here is a new pipo.catalog with in/out data types:

in order of comprehensiveness:

  1. inspector
  2. help patches
  3. source code on github

You can help making the doc better by letting us know if a parameter is not or insufficiently documented.


Oh, great! thanks, Diemo.

I check that quickly!

It’s quite similar to the version I have read previously actually.

Example of an undocumented parameter, taken from the FFT analysis example: I guess @slice.size is the window size? But in this case I don’t understand how it is possible to set if freely, without link with the @fft.size. Or is it something else?

that’s a common DSP practice called zero-padding