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What is going on with AudioSculpt?

Dear friends of the IRCAM’s community, I recently happened to know that AudioSculpt is probably not going to be actualised anymore. I have been told that the IRCAM is developing new software to substitute AS but focusing rather in the live-electronics than in the processing of sound. I find this a terrible new, because we all know that the sound’s quality cannot be that high in real-time processes…

I use Audiosculpt everyday both for analysis purposes and editing sounds for electronic music tapes, so I am very worried about this issue and, since I found that there are another colleagues with the same concerns, I decided to ask here if what I heard are real news and if there will be any better alternative.

Thank you in advance!

Dear IRCAM Forum,

I also use Audiosculpt, and I use it in my teaching. I hope it will continue to be supported.


Evelyn Ficarra