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What happened to Ircamax Collection 2?

In September I was told by Ircam that Ircamax Collection 2 would be released by Ableton “on FEB 2015”.

Obviously that didn’t happen. Anyone know when Collection 2 will be out?

After different date Jan , April 2015,
Ableton decide to launch IRCAMAX volume 2 in July 2015. they remove the launch 2 times link to the success of Volume 1.

Sorry about this delay …

Mr Rousseau


So, the Ircamax volume 2 should be release this month ?


I read somewhere that it’s now October or November or whatever.

I’ve stopped holding my breath. Pretty ridiculous that IRCAM is now the slave of Ableton’s release plans, although I am guessing the money is good.


The Ircamax Volume 2 is going to be released by “ATELIERS DU FORUM 2015” around November 26th … The collection is under the ABLETON marketing plans and they wish to move the release date for differents internal reasons… ( we are may be too speed for them )

They wish to make a new release of Collection Volume 1 as well , including few modifications in the GUI interface.
We are really sorry about this delay but our Max for live developer is not at Ircam for few months and should be back in October to finalize all modifications
we need to do before the final release… including MAX 7 compatibility …

Forumnet will let you know the Final released date and all informations about IRCAMAX…

All the best to all of you



So, this is the month of Ircamax 2 ??! :wink: