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Jean and I are glad that you’ve joined us for this beta-test series!

The new IRCAMAX devices can be found there.

The installer should copy the devices into your Live User Library. Some new folders called IrcamaxVol2 should be found in /Presets/Audio Effects/Max Audio Effects and similar paths for MIDI Effects and Instruments. The installer also copies some resources for Modalys, such as Modalys.framework, into your main Library folder.

In order to authorize the devices, you’ll need to download the attached Ircam_Activation_Key text file, and copy its content into the dialog box that opens up the first time you load an IM device into Live. The devices - i.e. the IRCAM Max externals that the devices use - will remain fully authorized during one year.

We’re expecting you to use the almost-latest Mac software, ideally: OSX.8.5, Max 6.1.5, Live 9.0.6. All IRCAM externals that we’re using are Mac-only 32bit objects.

You’ll also find a short description of the actual state of the devices in the attached Description text file.

Confidentiality: you’re free to use and show privately the devices to anyone you like, but obviously you’re not allowed to distribute them before we have a release.

We hope you’ll enjoy the devices. Happy beta-testing!


Description.rtfd_4.zip (841 KB)