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Voice RTM Edition Bug

Hi !
Ok Imagine you want to edit this voice :

And you want to change the first beat from a dotted eighth (3/16 1/16) to a triplet (1/6 1/12).
First you delete the notes of the first beat :

next step will be :

and then :

now, if you try yo group the first two rests of the triplet, shit happens :

the same thing is not happening if, instead of editing a voice, you edit a voice INSIDE a poly :

(here we get the properly grouped rests).

This bug is there since the beginning of times, sorry to report it just now …

Hi Mauro,

I followed your instructions. However, starting from step one, i will use the group mode instead of the chord mode. If you do that you can group the two first “chords” of the tuplet (in chord mode of course) and you end up with the correct result.
Anyhow, i advise you, and all users to use instead of these shortcuts, the editing feature of tree in the treeeditor (type 'r):
In your case i will do step one using group mode:
And transform all notes into rests, then i use the treeeditor to edit the group changing the -3 into a -2:

Then you end up in your requested result in two steps.


Thanks for the tip dear Karim. It’s very clear now.
But why the different result of the same operation in a voice or in a poly ?
Isn’t this supposed to be a bug ?

Yes most probably, something should be missing in the code. Will investigate this.

Hi Karim, any news concerning this specific topic ?
This edition bug keeps being really annoying …
Cheers from Venice

Dear Mauro,

I imagine it is related to your tree structure that you don’t give here. i.e, your tree maybe starts from a group already??
can you forward your example as a patch?

Best from paris suburbs :slight_smile:

Dear Karim, the example is still the one of the above discussion (the bug exists when editing a voice, if the same voice is inside a poly everything works, that’s why while editing I often use a mono-line poly as a quick and dirty solution) …

Dear Mauro,

I am having some trouble to do step2 to 3.
when i merge (union with +) the first two rests i get a quarter note and not a quarter rest.
Then everything runs as expected?
What is the keystroke you use from step2 to step3?


Dear Karim, that’s the problem, I also get a quarter note instead of a quarter rest of a triplet (-1/6). Why is that different (i.e. working fine) inside a poly ?

Sorry now i see. Yes you are right. In poly it outputs a rest and not a quarter note. Ok Thank you for reporting this. I will look into it. And get back to you ASAP!


Dear Mauro,

Here is a fix. However it needs some testing. Please let me know if this works for you so i can push the code in the sources.

fix300822.lisp (1.5 KB)


Dear Karim, not really working. Here you can find a patch with a test and some explanations.

test-rtm.omp (35.5 KB)

Dear Mauro,

What you omited to say is that this works fine in a poly. So, the fix is pretty easy:
fix310822.lisp (67 Bytes)

Some explanation: The original code (dating maybe since version 5.x), uses a method to clean up singletons (groups of one note), or simplifying groups. This is omitted in a poly, ergo editing in a poly is straight forward. So i removed the goddam… method… :slight_smile:

Please do test this fix, and feedback me your remarks. Your patch was really very helpful and i am always open to any excellent reports you share. Thank you again.


it works ! Thanks a lot dear Karim

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