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View markers highlight stops working after playing audio

basic example of mubu.concat~
open the example and connect a number object to view markers highlight $1.
Move through some integer numbers.
Highlight works.

Play the example: turn the ezdac~ on.
After some time, turn of ezdac~.
Move through some integer numbers (the number object connect to view markers highlight $1).
Highlight stopped working.

The same is true for the cursor in imubu. See mubu.concat~ help file in the tab aligned playing.

attach a flonum to cursor $1.
The cursor moves.
Turn on audio.
Turn off audio.
Try to move the cursor with flonum.

I can’t reproduce it. Maybe it needs a some more steps to appear?

I forgot one step:
After turn on audio, click on preset 1
Then turn audio off etc.

sorry, we can’t reproduce this. Does the audio swich off immediately for you?

No, I switch off the audio myself for testing purposes.

I just started to record my screen, and now it works. Crazy.
Now I come to think of it, I’ve just solved another issue by throwing away a folder called “discarded” in SkataRT.
Maybe it was also using an older imubu version.
The menu File > List Externals and Subpatcher Files is telling me it is now using the correct version.

Sorry for the noise.