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Using Unsigned Software in macOS Catalina


In order to use unsigned software in macOS Catalina, the best available option is to run a xattr command in Terminal, and use the -d option to remove com.apple.quarantine as an (extended) attribute.

Here is the command line: xattr -d com.apple.quarantine **filepath**

You can also add the -r option to run the xattr command on a folder or bundle.

Here is the command line: xattr -d -r com.apple.quarantine **filepath**

In the command lines sketched above, you should replace **filepath** with the filepath of the file or folder/bundle of unsigned software, respectively. And you’re set.

Hope this helps.

All the best,

PS: This post is derived, and has been adapted, from Ben Bracken’s post at the C74 forum, here.


Thank you for your help …
a new problem: the first tutorial. Static Orchestration / A first attempt I don’t get any grades at "run Orchestration what am I doing wrong?

Hi Dietmar,

Since you’re having issues with Orchidea, your best bet is to post under the “Orchidea” banner… This post is under the “General” banner.

I do have some experience with Orchidea (0.5, not yet 0.6), but I’m having trouble understanding what you’re asking exactly. Perhaps you could create a topic on the issue you’re having, and if I can answer it appropriately I’ll gladly do so.

All the best,