Using KNN with different buffers in a single MuBu

Hello all – I like the new forum format!

When I’m using mubu.concat, say, I can point to different buffers in the same container with the ‘bufferindex’ attribute, which is fine if I want to arbitrarily slice and dice. If I want to use KNN, though, to pick slices in a buffer according to some criteria, I don’t see any way in the documentation to have mubu.knn look at the analysis in a particular buffer. I’m still mentally trying to figure out the MuBu architecture, so I may have missed something, but if anyone could point me in the right direction, I’d appreciate it…


Hi Matt, welcome here!
there’s the “include” message to mubu.knn where you can choose which buffers to index.
Best, Diemo

Ah, I missed it! I was looking in attributes, not messages! And of course, I was looking for ‘bufferindex’…

Thanks, Diemo!



There may be a bug in mubu.knn where sending it the include message, with all of the mubu container’s buffers, it throws the error no buffers included. if I then send it getBuffers it outputs 0

Can anyone reproduce this behavior? I’m on the latest version in max 8

Also, I am dynamically changing the mubu container and descriptors track on the fly, perhaps that’s related?

I also noticed that when sending the refer mubu-container track-name to mubu.knn, the mubu-container updates but track-name does not

Hi James, can you make a minimal example patch that shows that behaviour?

I realized that I was not setting the weights of the KNN, and by doing so the problem stopped happening. However when I created a small example patch I could not reproduce the problem, so I guess I’m all set for now.