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Using iMubu as a function


I have a (very) basic noob question here, regarding using iMubu as a function. - Basically, I want to be able to scan the domain (like a mc.function), and be able to change the range low and high dynamically according to whether the desired scanned marker is received. For that, I’d need to get the values of 2 tracks of bpf and a third with the marker names as they are scanned. Right now I’ve only managed to get the output values offline. Any way to go about it?


Can anyone help me out on this topic??

Hi Arnau, that post was lost in the Christmas preparations…

Can you clarify what you’re trying to do? What “range”?
An example patch would help.


Yes, thank you. I attach the patch with the explanations. Let me know if it is clear.

ircam-bpf-question.maxpat (190.9 KB)


Hi Arnau, the interpol abstraction is missing, and it is not clear what you mean by
marker names, and upper/lower range and where they should come from.
Also check out the sample message to mubu.track and the mubu.play external.