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Unexpected behavior while importing musicxml with multiple voices

Hello! I’m working on a test project in OM, and I need to import MusicXML files to extract information on onset and durations of the pitches. I’m testing this with a really small fragment, comprised of a polyphonic measure, like this:

But, when importing it to OM, and connecting it either to a Voice object or a Poly object, I get this as a result:

The onset and duration information is also incorrect, it’s not just a visualization problem.
Is there a workaround to this? Thank you in advance!


Sorry this is reported nowhere in the documentation, but it is a limitation in the import-musicxml feature: you cannot import a polyphonic voice like that, since in OM there is no notion of polyphonic voice.
Better then to split up your voice first into two separate voices and then import them.


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