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Undo command question


I’m having some issues with the undo command.
Here are the steps to reproduce it:

  1. create and open a patch
  2. create a class or function
  3. delete it
  4. recreate it with the undo command
  5. save & close the patch
  6. close open music

once I open om & the patch again, the class/function isn’t anymore there. om is not saving after undoing deletion.
tried on ubuntu, om6.15 & 6.16
is this happening with other distros or os?

best regards,

Dear rc0
here is the problem with your sequence:

1 create and open a patch
2 create a class or function
3 delete it

====> ok but here you didn’t save the patch !

4 recreate it with the undo command
5 save & close the patch

=====> even so, it was not saved before. It is like a “phantom” save.
6 close open music

the undo in OM, doesn’t have the same behavior as a text editor. first you need a saved patch, then it is good to known there is only one level of undo.
By the way, this is good stuff. Thank you a lot for pointing it out. But for the time being there is no way to make this work, due to the core implementation.


Dear Karin,

Thank you for the explanation. It would be great to have this behavior documented somewhere. Maybe here?: http://support.ircam.fr/docs/om/om6-manual/co/elementary.html

best regards,