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Unable to syntheisze M1 big sur

Hi All

I just installed the new OM for the M1. Thanks for creating it!

And I also downloaded the newest versions of the OM Chroma(5.2) and OM 2 c sound (2.4)

But I cant synthesize.
I got this message see screenshot.

I am using Mac M1, Bug Sur 11.3.1

I have also on this mac OM 6.18 with OM Chroma 5.2 and Om2 csound 2.3
its veeeeeeery slow but there the synthesize works.

Thanks for helping :slight_smile:

Ok it is apparently a problem with libsndfile. I will look into that.
By the way which Csound did you install ?
Because csound has got itself a libsndfile.dylib.
So maybe it is an issue here.


Dear Mariarose,

In fact there is a problem with a shared OM library. The fix for the moment is in this post:


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