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Unable to load SuperVp library

on MacOs 10.14 and OpenMusic 6.16 i cannot open Supervp library anymore. Any clue?
Here the error message:

Error while loading the library OM-SuperVP:

"Lambda list (lmidic ldur mirror portamento &key :min-portamento :filename) is not congruent with the lambda list (lmidic ldur mirror filename) of #<|OpenMusic|::omgenericfunction trans-melody 4180027D4C>."

Thanks for support!

Dear Ratox,

This is due to a conflict with another library loaded which has a generic function by the name ‘trans-melody’.
Could tell us more about the library you are loading along with OM-SuperVp.


… Apparently it is the OM-ASX lib since trans-melody is now included in the omsupervp, so they have conflicting defs.
If you use the omsupervp 2.8 where this functions is not included, you may use both libraries.


you rule! thank you very much!

Hi there ! Sorry about that: I had the project to include the main OM_ASX features directly in OM-SuperVP, as OM_ASX is getting deprecated by now. I did not complete the work :grimacing:, and actually this part of the code should not have been included in the release yet. You can fix it by commenting the corresponding line in the main library file OM-SuperVP.lisp :

  ;      "sources/om_asx/omasx-transposition"