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Two Questions (Spectogram and usage)

thank you for this great analysis tool! Two questions:

  1. Is it possible to get a log scale representation of a spectrogram for higher res on lower frequencies?
  2. As an example, how would one output a text file with info on e.g. first 8 partials of a periodic sound?

(couldn’t find any help doc on this program)

Thank you,

Hello Mosaique,

  1. This feature has already been requested but unfortunately, it is not yet ready. There will either be a logarithmic mode in the Super Vamp plugin or a logarithmic mode in Partiels via the graphical properties of the tracks. I still need to do further investigation to find out what is the best option.

  2. Partial tracking is not yet available because it is based on the PM2 audio engine and the Super Vamp plugin only includes the SuperVP audio engine (see the list of analyses in the Super Vamp plugin manual for further information). But the PM2 vamp plugin is in preparation :slight_smile: and should be released during the next few months.
    To export analyzes, click on File Export. Select the entire document, a group, or a specific analysis track in the Item menu, and then a format in the format menu (JSON, CSV, or CUE of text files). Note that if you export an entire document or a group, a text file will be created for each analysis track. The possibility of exporting several analysis tracks within a single file is also on the to-do list!

(couldn’t find any help doc on this program)

There is no documentation yet but several video tutorials have been produced and are in the process of being published. The app just hasn’t been officially announced yet (maybe today …), you were too quick for us :wink:

Thanks for your feedback!

thank you for getting back!
Looking forward to the coming options then!:slight_smile:

Here is the first video tutorial: Tutoriel: Partiels | Ircam Forum