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two issues: sonogram analysis and audio output

I’m on Mojqve 10.14 and I experience two types of problems so far.

  1. Whenever I change my audio setup, AS will stop playing audio files. I have to quit and restart it, and make sure that the AS preferences refer to the same audio output is the OS. I am not sure the audio preferences allow to select all the possible outputs : note that now, Mac OS allows to select either internal speakers, or headphones plugged on the laptop, but AS doesn’t. As a result, AS will play the sounds on the speakers even though I will have selected the headphones in my OS sound preferences.

  2. With files whose length might exceed 20", or less maybe, AS cannot perform sonogram analysis (see screenshots attached).
    I am required to close other sonogram windows. But this happens anytime, with or without other windows open. And I didn’t experience that kind of issue before. It happened with any type of sample rate.

Is there anything that can be done about it?

Thanks !

I don’t know anything about the first issue, but the second one is related to your analysis settings, especially the FFT size set to “oversampling 16x”. This requires a lot of memory to display the sonogram, and I don’t think such a high oversampling value is actually useful. Then again I don’t know much about signal processing. In any case, reducing the FFT oversampling factor will solve that problem.


yes all this is correct, the memory size limit that can be handled by 32bit applications has not changed and the error message
should be the same with other OSX versions. And yes 16x oversamling for the FFT size is only useful in very rare cases.

@Coralie you should normaly not use more than 2

For the problem 1) it might be that the same problem exists with High Sierra at least I have seen a very similar problem with High Sierra when
plugging in a Headphone. We will have to investigate this problem more closely. for the moment I wonder whether it helps to keep the audio
setting in AudioSculpt on “default” ?


Hi Coralie,

First, Happy new year to all of you :slight_smile:

For the first problem, this might not be a Mojave problem, this bug was already here before.

Could you please verify that you have the same behaviour for the standard file playback AND for the supervp playback ?

Normally this bug should only affect the standard playback (the normal playback ICON, without any treatment) as the notification of the global audio configuration changes is not received by AS !

For the supervp playback (PLAY with the SVP icon) it should work, because supervp is restarted each time you launch the treatment playback and catch properly the configuration (and so the changes). At least, try it on El Capitan to be sure it’s not a new bug !

Alternatively, if you set a specific audio output in the AS Preferences > Audio tab, you should have a consistent output, unless you decide to unplug the chosen device while AS is running, which may freeze it badly…

Concerning the switch between the internal speakers or the headphones, i cannot tell, as Axel mentioned it might also be a hardware issue… So that may be another bug too :frowning:

For the second problem, as Axel and Frederick explained it to you, your oversampling factor (x16) will create a sonogram that will consume all the application available memory, that’s why you get this alert panel.

Best regards,