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Tutoriel Ircam Trax V3


I bought trax v3, but no tutorial is provided with please, can you change the language to french please ?
Do you know which setting to remove the robotic voice on the change of voice from man to woman please?

Thanks very much

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Hi @bma,

Ircam Trax V3 is a partner product sold by Flux: :
Please refer to the support they offer to ask your questions.
Thank you for posting anyway.
Maybe someone from the community will have the answer.

Happy traxing

Do you have an account to contact this plugins?

No account, but a link is on this page:

But unfortunately, the support page seems reporting 404 error (missing)…


Thank you, Do you have knowledge of how to use this tool, because there is no good explanation of it on the Internet

sorry i am a Linux user.
However i found this on the net:

But since it is a voice vocoder, this should be a straight forward transformation. Just try the presets i guess.