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Turning off early reflections

Is there a way in panoramix to switch off early reflections? even when i mute the reverb return i can always hear early reflections… ideally i would like the reverb mute to also mute the early relflections but i guess thats maybe not possible if the early reflections are common to all spatialisation busses. I know how to do this in spat in max but can’t find anything in Panoramix.

ah sorry, forget i asked. just found the “early gain” knob and mute on each channel strip. It was so big i didn’t see it…

Hi Ben,

Control of early reflections is located on the Tracks, not on the Busses.
On the Tracks, you can set the gain of the early reflections, and there is a tiny “m” button which allows to mute them.


thanks, just found it as you were typing your reply!