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TUIO data?

Hello Everyone,

I’m trying to send tuio data to catart from max, there’s very few infos about tuio datas and syntax on the catart manual except this sentence :
“The touch messages (add finger, move finger, remove finger) are used for multi-point play in bow or fence mode.”
My problem is : Is “add finger” a message ?
so that I just can add : “prepend /catart/select add finger 1” for example ?
There’s no description about the tuio messages so I don’t know what to send to catart. I took a look on the reactivision website and there’s no syntax info either.

Did someone manage to use tuio with catart ?



catart works out of the box with a tuio client (e.g. for iPad, touchpad, etc.). The add finger, move finger, remove finger are the high-level events that are expressed in tuio by the /tuio/2Dcur/set and /tuio/2Dcur/alive messages. See the spec at http://www.tuio.org/?tuio10


I made a test with TUIOpad on my ipad, I send the osc messages on catart which is receiving the data directly, it’s working but one finger at a time, so no multitouch… I tried it on fence mode and in bow mode.
I want to use mira with catart, I have to add the TUIO syntax to my ipad data before to send to catart.
I’m still trying to figure out the syntax working with catart since there is several ways to write data for TUIO :