Trouble Opening Patches


I’m encountering an error message when trying to open patches which I created back in December last year in a workspace. The message(s) reads" An error of type simple-type-error occurred: Cannot take CAR of #<chord 402005A0D3> with the last term for the chord changing with each patch I try to open. Does anyone know how I can fix this - or force the patch to load? It happens only with certain patches in the workspace. The version of OM is 6.15



Can you post the patch?

Hi Karim,

Thanks for getting back on this. This is one of the patches (link below); the others generating the same kind of error message include modified versions of this one.

All best wishes

Dear Sohrab,

Well your patch is ok. It’s a bug,/ But thanks to Jean Bresson who guided me, he depictit it.
So here is a patch (lisp file) to be put in the init folder of OM. Ehis will momentarly fix the issue until Jean releases an update.

Karimmomentary_fix_100119.lisp (950 Bytes)

Dear Karim,

Many thanks for looking into this and for the bug-fix patch. I installed it as you instructed and the patches which were affected now open without any errors being reported.

With all best wishes, and my thanks also to Jean