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Tremolo function

Dear forum people , hello again
I was searching for a very old command , to program tremolos , that was available in the first versions of AS.
is it available now?

thank you


It must be -gtremolo. I do not remember well the arguments…

let’s see the help supervp -ha

tremolo :

------ Example : -gtremolo sinus file

       mode is the type of amplitude modulation

        carre (square wave)
        scie (sawtooth wave)
        file contains lines with time depth : 

parameter file : a bpf file : time - depth of the tremolo, tremolo must be between 0.0 and 1.0 ??

Check also the -trmdle treatment to modulate the envelop while preserving the pitch …

This is how I use it :

supervp -t -Z -S"/Users/hecceite/Music/Sounds III/deskBells/As_In/deskBell01_C.aiff" -Afft -Np1 -M0.0928798168897629s -oversamp 8 -Whanning -P1 -td_thresh 1.39999997615814 -td_G 2.5 -td_band 0,22050 -td_nument 10 -td_minoff 0.02s -td_mina 9.99999974737875e-06 -td_minren 0 -td_evstre 1 -td_ampfac 0.5 -trmdlp 20,50 -FCombineMul -trans “/Users/hecceite/Music/Sounds III/deskBells/AS_Folder/Temp/transpfile-5” -D1 “/Users/hecceite/Music/Sounds III/deskBells/As_Tmp/deskBell01_C-out 3.aiff”

transpfile-5 is my transposition parameter file : times-transpositions

Hope it helps