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Trax V3 - Latency issue


I’ve installed Ircam Trax V3. It is a great tool. I wish to use it on my performance.
But there is a big latency.

I use version 64bits.
My OS : Windows 8.1
Host Daw : Live Ableton 9 Standard
PC : 8Go / Intel Core i7 / SSD Raid 0
Sound card : Roland Octacapture

Someone else has this issue ?

Thank you.

Hello Olgarym,

I guess you are talking about the Ircam Trax vst, aren’t you ?
If so, you should contact Flux support. They will help you with your issue.



Hi , I made the same mistake …and flux said
Trax is not a tool intended for live, because of its latency. Unfortunately, this can not be reduced because it requires a certain amount of audio to be analyzed upstream (and thus loaded into memory) so that processing can take place. Similarly, Trax may require a high audio buffer size (processing is rather expensive CPU resources), which definitely limits it to use in the mix phase, where latency is not a constraint.