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Transform any graphic toward sound wave

I’m searching the best software able to transcode graphic curves into sound waves, I mean from an image or datas.
Thanks for your suggestions

Hi elem,

If I understood you correctly, here are a few examples:

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Thanks à lot Antônio for your help, i will Check all your link and Back tô you
All the best

From Middle of Nowhere: mofn.org

Hi @elem,

It is possible to use Audiosculpt to sonify jpeg images, interpreting them as spectra that you would like to hear. Another software is photosounder. As the possibilities of transcoding are almost “infinite” and constitute an Art in itself, the best is to build your own transcoder in Max. This is the way I personally followed to realize the sonification of transit videos or statistical curves.

Hope this helps…

Thank you very much Greg, it is exactly the answer I was waiting for. I understand that with Max it should be the best but have you experienced to transform only graphic curve in sounds with photosounder ?

Indeed, or with some other software like Spears by generating input files from jpeg with custom matlab/python/OM scripts. But the result was not up to my expectation though… So I took the time to make my own transcoders in Max…

Thanks a lot Greg. I will check.

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you can do it in max, using jitter matrix.

here, a quick example:


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