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To eval or not to eval?

Hello OM developpers,

I very often use to write lambda expressions directly into the objects inlets, as a ‘value’ (since in principle lisp uses to make not difference between symbolic expressions and data) and one could expect that a lambda expr should be passed as it is and to be evaluated internally (let say magically, or lispally ;), but even when using a syntax such as #’(lambda (data) …), OM objects seem to have no method to manage such a lambda (which is nevertheless a real and beautiful lambda) and one may use the object [eval] to make it work (as a lambsa).
So that why not considering that OM objects inlets may internally eval lambdas by default (as a generic method for instance) ? This may make unnecessary the absurd eval (which converts a lambda into a lambda), the patch lighter, and write the patch faster (as in emacs-slime-sbcl or so), isn’t it ?

Hi Fred.

May I ask you WHEN this was possible in OM ? I can’t seem to remember this as possible.