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Time Signatures and Dynamics in Poly


I have a poly with several voices whose pitch and duration are already exactly what I want. However, I want to firstly: insert a sequence of time signatures in which these durations are placed (right now its automatically 4/4) ; and secondly: apply random dynamics to these notes via om-random.

I hope my question is understandable.

Yes very understandable:
You mean you want to rebar a POLY ?

…if so, here you are:

the patch:
rebar-randvel.omp (61.1 KB)

Dear K,

Wow, wonderpatch !

You are brilliant, thank you very much. The transfer to other time signatures works flawlessly.

The only problem I have is about the velocity patch: The function set-obj-vel is displayed as a dead object. Is this a function from an “additional library”?

no. This is a standard method introduced in OM 7.1
Maybe you are using an older version of OM?


I’m still using 6.12 because transferring all my libraries and patches to 7.1 has always resulted in things not working properly. Is there a similar function in 6.12 that I can use to make the patch usable?

Thank you very much, sorry for the inconvenience.

Unfortunately this is a new code since 7.1
Concerning the transfer of libraries and workspaces to the new version, this should not represent big issues. You can also keep both versions of OM.
One thing though, is BEFORE opening your workspace with the new OM make a backup copy of these.


I have now switched to the latest version, thank you very much.