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Thru bus routing

Hi There,

I am a little confused by the thru bus. I assume it’s purpose is to pass audio directly thru from an input to an output without a panner. Perhaps I have this wrong, is there documentation?

When I make a new thru bus it has 11 channels. When I assign an input to the thru bus it appears to have only 3 outputs. There is no obvious way to route the input channel (except via the panner).

My goal is to route a stereo input direct out to my two front speakers without processing.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Ian,

No. The purpose of the ThruBus is to access the internal (unpanned) channels (direct/early/etc).
This is only used for extremely peculiar use cases.

Instead, what you’re searching for is a “direct to master” track. That should do exactly what you need.


Perfect, thank you Thibaut, I should have looked more closely at the track options!