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The future of Antescofo


Antescofo has been at the heart of a lot of my pieces for the last 6-7 years. I see that there is still no support for M1 architecture either. Hence the question: how is does the future of Antescofo currently look? There’s still no other similar tools with such an elegant programming language, and it would be a shame to have to abandon Antescofo. I realize that this is a difficult question but it is also fundamental when it comes to thinking about getting performances of mixed music, etc.



Hello maladie.

A native Silicon version of antescofo~ is atually tested interally and will be distributed later this year.

We are currently working on releasing an enhanced version later this year, with many redesigns of the synchronization strategies.

This enhanced version will be the basis for a new software architecture where the listening module and the real-time programming language will be separated. This new architecture will allow a more independent evolution of both modules and the use of alternative listening machines. No release date can be announced at this stage.


Then my fears were unfounded. I’m very happy to hear that and looking forward to the new version of Antescofo! Thanks for the update.


So we are still waiting for the 64bit or Arm version of Antescofo, how long do you think this will take? I have a number of patches I can’t run anymore on my Studio

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Adding my voice to the chorus here - also eagerly waiting for the M1 support for Antescofo. Any updates on the timeline for the new version?

Dear pianinja,

you can find here : Nubo
the pre-release of antescofo~. This version is used internally but I am waiting more feedback before making them public. So this is an “alpha” version and not the version that will be finally released in the forum.

I think it is mature enough to be used, even if one bug has been reported (with the “previous” command in an intricate execution). If you give a try, I am happy to have feedback or bug report.



Hello Jean-Louis,
I got the M1 pre-release and am testing it. Everything seems to work fine so far, but I am getting a couple of odd error messages.
sometimes when I use an if with an external variable, I get "$" variable out of range (0) – but the if itself works as it should.

Looking forward to the full release :slight_smile:

That’s strange. Can you provide a snippet of code that exhibit this behavior?

Some bugs have been corrected in this version: Nubo

This last version is used at Ircam to update the patches for Boulez’s pieces, which means that it is currently being extensively tested. The PD version is also used (for a forthcoming Philippe Manoury’s production). It is also used by José Miguel Fernandez in a workshop at HEM in Geneva.

So, the distribution in the forum should arrive by the end of this month and should be very stable.

All the best,

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i get the error with this one as well…

i tried making a minimal example but this isn’t generating the error:

$countToStop := -1

whenever drumOnsets($onset) {
    $countToStop := 0
    kill drumOnsets

whenever stopDrums($meas) {
    if ($countToStop > -1) {
        $countToStop := $countToStop + 1
        print counting $countToStop

    if ($countToStop > 3) {
        print done
        kill stopDrums

…so it must be something else that comes before. I’ll try to isolate it in the following days, right now I’m a little busy…

Hi Jean-Louis,

I’ve been following this thread and eagerly awaiting the new version of antescofo. Meanwhile, if I follow the link to nubo, in your post of 14 April, it says ‘Page not found’. I wonder if I’ve made a mistake, or whether that page is down? Perhaps you are just about to release on the forum?

Thank you,


It seems that the configuration of our Nubo links have an expiry date. Here is a new link : Nubo

Yes, the new version should be soon on the Forum (in the incoming week).


Hi Jean-Louis,

The new link works. Thanks very much!