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Text-view OM6.17 does not update its content (OSX)


as in this old post for Windows: Problème affichage avec Win10
on OM6.17 OSX, the Text-view object updates its graphic content only when clicking inside it when it is supposed to update as soon as it is evaluated.
I’m quite disappointed, who can tell me what I have forgotten?

Thank’s in advance !

Same with OM6.17 ubuntu 18.04 !

It’s working for me on Catalina/Linux in OM6.17.
Can you be more specific about the problem?

Oups, nonono sorry it works on ubuntu, as you can see the font color was so light that I didn’t see the update !
But it stills no work on OM6.17 OSX Catalina.

Capture du 2020-10-16 18-28-34

In OM6.17 Catalina here it does as shown below.
It updates its graphic content only if clicking into the field or refreshoingg by changin gits size.
Darwin hamac.local 19.6.0 Darwin Kernel Version 19.6.0: Thu Jun 18 20:49:00 PDT 2020; root:xnu-6153.141.1~1/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64

Weird very weird, it works for me>>>>???

I removed the dialog-item-boxes.64xfasl from the OM source code, but got same result.
Of course the value shown is updated when reloading the Workspace, or if I ust close and reopen the patch.
But even if I evaluate twice after chhangin the input value, it does not refresh what’s shown, just prints out the input vsalue thru its output.

If its working with you with but not fowithr me same OS, its quite strange.
macOS Catalina 10.15.6
MacBook Pro 15" 2017.
No other OM than OM6.17 but OM7-beta installed on this machine.
No LW.
What to do ?

When evaluating the following, just got this error.
(the box in the patch is not ‘text-view’ called from OM menu, but a ‘text-edit-view-box’ instance I have seen into OM code which has the same behavior (more or less this error).
Not sure it’s related to my bug.

I think the point is somewhere in source dialog-items.lisp

where something looks strange to me:
the functions ‘text-edit-action’, ‘text-edit-changed-action’ and ‘om-set-dialog-item-text’ are not called when evaluating text-view.
But ‘om-set-dialog-item-text’ is.
Though at least ‘text-edit-changed-action’ shouldn’t be called since it’s called by class ‘om-text-edit-view’ as its change-callback function ?

I think your sources are corrupted. This works:

Please do try with a CLEAN om6.17 install. I believe you have corrupted the sources by messing up the code.


hahaha you’re not thhe first who say I’m a corruptor :smiley:
I reinstalled OM6.17 from https://github.com/openmusic-project/openmusic/releases/tag/v6.17 and got the same:

sorry , can’t reproduce your problem.

Using the same patch, ‘text-box’ works. Not ‘text-view’.
I’d be curious to know if I’m the only one.

In case of, a screenshhot @OM6.17 OSX Catalina.

Dear Fred,

You’re right there. It is probably an implementation specific bug since it is an only mac catalina issue and doesn’t work neither on om6.16.

Will investigate it and try to fix.

Thank you for reporting this


Has there been any update on this issue, since we seem to have the same problem with text-view and text-box in OM6.20, Monterey, M1X?

No progress for now.
There are more serious issues to deal with.
So this is on the waiting list.

Thank you for your patience,


PS: We are working on the new portage of OM on LW8. This appears one of the issues we will try to fix ASAP