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Text in chord-seq

Hi all,

I’d like to add text below (or above) specific chords in a chord-seq object.

I understand that this is possible using some combination of the TEXT-EXTRA, ADD-EXTRA and/or ADD-EXTRA-LIST objects. I’ve read the documentation (as well as forum posts 1002 and 1882) but still can’t work it out.

I’ve attached a general example of what I’d like to achieve. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Text in chord-seq

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Dear Socha,

Unfortunately there is no “simple” way to do this for the time being.
I use this code (maybe should be included in OM in the next release?):

put-extra-txt.lisp (3.3 KB)

You should put this file in your init folder (in your OM application folder)

This looks like this:

Here is the patch:
Patch 15.omp (4.6 KB)

Note, the third input is a key input (type k for this optional key). You can either display the text below or above the notes.


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yes please. I vote for this.
thank you Karim,

Dear Perti,

Noted! :slight_smile:


Much appreciated, Karim.

I’ve added the put-extra-txt.lisp file in the init folder and opened your patch, but still don’t quite understand how the function works.

In your patch, the chord-seq object is upstream of the other functions, so I don’t understand how the text is added to the chords. Are you able to explain?

Does the put-extra-txt.lisp output need to be routed into another chord-seq object?

Dear socha,

Some “methods/functions” are special. They change objects “upstream”. It is the case of most of the extras methods. They just return nil, but they change objects connected thru their output. Same case are the slots functions that can be obtained by shift+drag most classes. You will have access to their slots. And if these have some data connetcted to their inlets they will destructively modify the class they are connected to as in the following screenshot:


  1. you have to refresh the miniview
  2. slots objects return the modified class. extra methods just return nil.

Hope this helps.



Very glad to discover that !

Hi K,

I’m trying to reproduce your patch. Where can I find SLOTS ? I always believed it’s in OM.

OM > "function slots does not exist!"

Many thanks in advance.



Dear Jerome,

As stated before, you have to shift+drag on a class to get its access slots auto magically. However, since OM 7.1 you can:
cmd/ctrl+click in a patch and type for instance:

chord-slots → for chord slots
cs-slots → for chord-seq slots
voice-slots → for voice slots

but for internal reasons it is not in any menu… (for the time being :slight_smile: )


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Thank you Karim - this works perfectly! :slight_smile:

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Many thanks,