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Tabel, mapping or matrix?

Hello, I’ve been struggling with the following problem. If I, after over 20 years using Open Music, have had a deeper understanding of Common Lisp, I can imagine that there is a very simple solution to this.
I need this for my project Harmonic skins and position mapping.

Best, Dagfinn

From this:

(46 52 9 13 74 18)

To this: (3 4 0 1 5 3)


(9 13 18 46 52 74)

(0 1 2 3 4 5)

Here you go Dagfinn:


Hi Dagfinn. Possibly you’re only after getting the position of an item in the ordered set?

In that case you could try something like this:

Skjermdump fra 2021-04-13 16-08-53

Take care!


Hi Anders, thanks a lot, that it was I ment, but didn’t explain it good enough!
I should have added what I try to achieve. It is my kind of cabalistic thinking. :slight_smile: Where I make an alfabet of the letters in one or more words. I’ve used that extensively in my Versuch über Schatten, Farben und Licht for Brass Band to build the form proportions. But that was made without Open Music.

Thanks a lot Karim! I didn’t explain the idea good enough, but Anders understood what I was trying to achieve. You know, we nordic mountain trolls are very intuitive. :rofl: