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Sync multiple mubu.concat~?

This is a bit related to my previous big post yesterday : Some questions about playing controls, polyphony and more

If we could use multiple mubu.concat~ with the same set of data (I mean data from segmentation analysis of a same corpus. which would required to duplicate all from control to segment selection and triggering parts… for getting n cursors), how could we sync these mubu.concat~ ??

Actually, I know mubu.concat~ is triggered by message markerindex messages, depending on trigger mode.

By sync I mean, there is “a kind of period/rate in beat mode”. I know it depends on the period parameter of mubu.concat~ and in some tuto patches this one is goind back to the triggering system parts. but how could I use beat triggering mode with multiple mubu.concat~ ?

Right on time! concat’s period is sub-sample precise, but hard to sync to other things (you can bang to reset all periods. See also aligned playing).

But I’m just about to generalise the transport-synced metronome from skatart as camu.syncmetro (https://github.com/ircam-ismm/catart-mubu/blob/wip-syncmetro/patchers/lib/camu.syncmetro.maxpat), it works, except one last detail on change of period.

In future developments, mubu.concat could sync itself to the Max transport by giving periods in note syntax, like 16n, 0.2.160.

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gosh, always on edge :slight_smile:
will follow this.

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