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Syllabic segmentation reading in .lab

Hello, I would like to visualize the markers of a syllabic segmentation (.lab) on the waveform of its sound file or on its spectrogram. However, it seems that .lab files are not importable. Do the segmentations have to be in SDIF?

The .lab file format support has been requested by other people. Unfortunately, this format is not standard (it must even be quite confidential: I googled “segmentation file lab” and the first link is this thread) and the data organization seems to vary following the uses.

Anyway, if I remember well, it is rather close to the CSV file format so I think it should not be too difficult to convert to the CSV format with this organization:

Time Duration Label
0.0 0.1 "Hey"
0.1 0.1 "Ju"
0.2 0.2 "de"

What application/tool do you use to generate the file?
If you send me a file example, I can try to help you, if you need to.