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SuperVPSynth not remembering Samples

I’m using SuperVPSynth from the IRCAMAX collection with Ableton 9 on Windows 7.

I have the problem that when I load my Live Set, the SuperVPSynth does not load the sample I previously dropped. Each time, I have to manually drop the same sample again on the device. When I then simply reload my Live Set, the SuperVPSynth will have the sample correctly loaded. I have pretty much the same problem with the other IRCAMAX devices like Scrubber, which do not save their samples.

I also have the problem that dropping large samples on SuperVPSynth will often times make Ableton crash. Needless to say, this is very inconvenient. In general, I must say that it seems to me this device is very buggy. Often times, Live Sets containing a SuperVPSynth will crash Ableton on load; I then have to restart Ableton and try again until it works.

It is really a shame that the SuperVPSynth is so buggy, otherwise it’d be a really great device.