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SuperVPSynth: grey rectangle instead of waveform (Max for Live)


I have a problem regarding the IM-SuperVPSynth within (Max for) Live. Instead of showing the waveform within the synth’s display it just shows a grey rectangle (see attached screenshot). I can still manipulte the waveform but I can’t see what I am doing. I can’t connect this to anything I did. The system is newly installed on a new computer and I can’t even say if this rectangle showed up from the start …

I am using Live 9.2 (64 Bit) and Max for Live 7.0.4 (64 Bit). It runs on a new PC (i7 3,4 Ghz Quadcore, 16 GB RAM, Operating System and Live on an SSD).

Your help would be very much appriciated!

All the best


Same problem I’m getting . Left a support message with ableton. Have you got a fix for this ? Very annoying no demo and this happens

I am afraid this does not look good. IRCAM does not feel responsible for this. Ableton-Support says it’s a problem with the new Max-Update 7.0.4/7.0.5. Downgrading to Max 6.1.10 helped with IRCAMAX1 but caused so much trouble with Live 9.2.1 itself that I had to deinstall and reinstall Live and Max.

So it seems only thing that helps is waiting for the bugfix … :frowning:

I am so glad I am not the only one who is upset about this.
There seems to be a trend with Max breaking plugins with their updates and the companies affected not checking and/or notifying their customers of this.
To be honest I just don’t think there are enough Super VP Synth users out-there in the world to guarantee a speedy update or patch. Shame, we paid for a product which does not work as stated.
At least you can still use Max for Live 6 to run the plugins.

HI everyone

Sorry for differents problems link to Ircamax volume 1… Ircam try to fix all display problems link to MAX 7 and LIVE 9 and we are on alert about this issue and try to fix all this with an update in September. Super VP is not responsible of these display problem, You/we generally discover new bugs when we install MAX 7 and sometime with ABLETON Live updates and I agree with you that we have to alert our customers.
September is going to be the Update time and we will let you immediately when the new release is going to be on Ableton web site.

Again, sorry for this issue and IRCAM dev will do the best to fix all default by september.


Dear Frederick,

thank you very much for caring and for taking over responsibility!

I am afraid I found another bug - just in case you haven’t: When trying to control some of the IRCAMAX software knobs with hardware controllers (via midi-learn) IRCAMAX software will react slower and slower the more knobs are controlled. Funny thing about this is the first one always reacts normal, the second one is a bit slow, the third one is much slower and the fourth one is uncontrollable slow (I never tried five). Starting with the second this affects also any other Max device within the set. Every hardware controlled knob of any Max device instantly reacts uncontrollable slow.

Btw: it would be nice if your support team deals in another way with this kind of problems. Their answers - at least for me - sounded a lot like “Bugger of and leave us alone!” to put it politely. I understand that it is frustrating for them to deal with problems that you don’t have caused but it is frustrating for us too.

Maybe you are in the position to suggest to Ableton and Cycling '74 to first test their updates with the actual packs before releasing them?



As I said yesterday we work on display bug…and the good news is :
You can point to
The new download is now Max7 compatible (superVP’s waveform is now visible again).
the direct link is

All the best


PS: we will make a full test of Volume 1 at beginning of september and we will take care of all your bugs report