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Supervp SDIF output "mode" documentation


I wish my request is not too trivial, I don’t find an answer onto the web :
where may I find some doc on SDIF so-called output “modes” as mentionned in supervp -ho :
"S0,S1,S2,S3,S4,S5,S6 : Unified file format stored as SDIF file " ?

I do not remember so well what means the number as the second digit in the -OS output mode.
I’d like to get the same values in SDIF or text output (-OSx versus -Oa:t,n,etc.).
I actually don’t succeed in (with -Amask).
The link https://www.ircam.fr/sdif/ mentionned in Audiosculpt’s (good old) doc desappeared (but still exist at cnmat).

Many thank’s in advance.

Hello red,

sdif storage types generated with -OSx are sdif equivalents of the gabarit format files -Ogx. You find some more information about the gabarit format in the help with

supervp -ho

          : Unified file format, see below and gabarit filter
          : Unified file format stored as SDIF file 
Format ( binary  file + header like gabarit file  ) using FFT, LPC,
   CEPSTRE.   File content  is  respectively t,8-bit  logamp; t,amp  ;
   t,phase ; t,amp,phase ; t,freq,amp ; t,pr,pi; t,amp for the gabarit
   modes 0-6.

and further

supervp -hf under gabarit.