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Supervp.scrub~ - reset internal buffers not working

I think there is an issue with the functionality of the ‘empty internal buffers’ feature of the supervp.scrub~ Max object.

Is it meant to completely empty the previous frames in the buffer so that when you send in new position data, there isn’t any audio from the previous buffer position that is still present and heard in the output sound?

Currently, after sending the reset message to the Max object - when I change the position input, there is still a small chunk of sound from the previous position that is heard, as though a single frame in the supervp buffer hasn’t been reset or emptied.

Can someone please advise if this is a bug or if there is another way to reset the buffer so that new position input always results in only audio from the new point in the source buffer being heard?

Just updating this question in case I didn’t explain it clearly. The use case that is causing the problem is that I am using a note-on midi event as well as a midi cc value controlling the sample position of the supervp.scrub object. So a new note-on plays a sound taken from the sample position defined by the current cc input.

The issue is that the sound that is always played by a note-on is taken from the whatever the buffer position was when the last note-off was sent. I guess this is expected due to the nature of the window overlap but I would like to use the ‘reset’ message to empty the internal buffers so that a note-on event never plays any of the previously scrubbed material, it always starts from the new sample position defined by the current cc input.

Perhaps that ‘reset’ message isn’t the right approach but if so, is there another way to empty or reset the internal buffer of the supervp.scrub object?