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superVP on windows broken?

Dear list,

Has the superVP application for Windows been tested?

superVP.ring works but .play and .scrub give strange sounds. It seems to be transposed down and also slowed down.

Using the latest superVP version from forumnet on Windows 10 with both MAX7 and MAX8 latest versions (64-bit).

I get this error message in the console when loading superVP help patches but not in my patch where it does not work either. Maybe it offers a clue: js: can’t find file envwarp-rel-to-abs.js

Best, Hans.

Hi Hans,
the current svp windows release was released before Max 8, I’ve just tested and it is very unstable.
But here on Max7 it seems to work well.
I’ll try to make a new release with last SDK.
I’ll let you know
Best Regards

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So it should work well with MAX7 on Windows10? Did you also try the help patches of supervp.play and/or supervp.scrub? Those are the ones giving problems. Ring is fine. I will check again when I am at my windows machine.

Does supervp use any extra software on Windows that I might not have installed?

Thanks for looking at this.

I have not had problems on MAX8 MAC yet but I did not test thoroughly.