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SuperVP for Max on M1 chips


It seems that SuperVP for Max does not work on machines that use Apple’s M1 chip. Is that correct, or have we just not tried hard enough?
If so, do there happen to be plans for a version that runs on them?

Thank you for the information!


Are you sure it’s not just a quarantine-related issue? I don’t have a M1 Mac, but I don’t see why Rosetta wouldn’t do its thing and it’s also often an issue with command-line tools in post-Catalina macOSes.

All the best,

Thank you for your reply. I too figured Rosetta should do its thing, but the Max console does say that it’s an architecture problem. I’ll look into the quarantine stuff when I get the chance.

Well, it turns out that the externals do work on versions of Max strictly older than 8.2. So this does not, or at least not solely, seem to be an issue with the M1 architecture. We’re just going to downgrade Max for now.


From what I understand, from Max 8.2 (SDK linked), only objects compiled with the following options
-arch x86_64 -arch arm64
will be able to be loaded…

We will make sure all externals on the forum are compiled with these options in the future (if it is not already the case yet)…

Thanks for reporting

Noted! Thank you for updating me.