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Standalone Player for binaural playback with headtracking

Hi everybody,

I am producing binaural audio stuff, using Panoramix and SpatRevolution for mixing.
In my home environment I can use headtracking (yaw-pitch-roll, no moving in the room) while mixing.
With the final 2-channel binaural mix this isn’t possible any more. So the final listener get’s just a static mix.
But I would really like to give the listener the ability to listen with headtracking, via standalone app, smartphone or website.

Has anyone done something similar?

I am wondering, if it’s possible to get all the mixing information (audio, automation, settings of SpatRevolution / Panoramix) into a kind of player and do the rendering at playback?
Maybe something custom build with Spat?

Another solution would be to use ambisonics as destination format and maybe use fmod, unity or other stuff for playback, but the sound of binaural rooms and localisation are much better than the ambisonics one.

Or is there any other solution?

Thanks for any help and ideas!

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I believe the best way to go for this would be apple’s new audio format, you would then mix in the dolby atmos 5.1. - 7.1 format, and apple then encodes the signal with head tracking via there app.

BUT as with every tech in this hole 3d audio extravaganza you need apple products, same with fraunhofer/sony’s format.

I am not sure if Fraunhofer’s tech has head tracking but if they do, then that’t the way really, the great thing about there format is that whatever speaker setup you mix on the signal gets decoded for what ever setup it get’s played from.

the diy way could be a max patch, people download and play your music from. also a great way to do non-linear compositions. ore you could do it via Mira/server.


Hey! I am looking for exactly the same thing. I am making dolby atmos mixes and want a player to listen back with headtracking. Did you find anything yet that works for this?


Hey Kaleb,

I ended up doing mixes in Ambisonics and building a Max patch for custom connection to the headtracker and then decoding via Spat.
That could be a solution for your dolby atmos projects, as long as you only have static mixes (bed only) and nothing of the NGA stuff. Should be possible, of course, but makes thing much more complicated.

As emilhoite wrote, mpeg-h would be a great option. But there are still no players available, as far as I know.
VLC seems to be working on an implementation, but i think it’s still not working.
I heard about a player working with headtracking allready, but I can’t remember.

Hope this helps. If you find a solution, I’m very interested for more info.

All the best!