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standalone audio routing

My CataRT Standalone refuses to allow ad_rewire to be turned on. How can I get ad_rewire be ON?

I don’t have this problem with the ‘classic’ CataRT, which I route through ad_rewire into Ableton Live. I can make a workaround by using Soundflower, but I would like to have the option of using ad_rewire with the Standalone version of CataRT, in part, for MIDI possibilities.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Glen, I’ve never used Rewire with Max, but do you get any messages on the console?
Which Max version are you using with catart classic?

Hi Diemo, I get no message. ad_rewire just refuses to be switched on with my Standalone.

I tried using ad_rewire with CataRT classic (1.2.4 version) with both Max 6.1.3 and 7.1. It works fine.

It is not crucial for the Standalone to have ad_rewire. But I do use it with classic and OMax to process audio through Ableton Live. I am now running Standalone through Soundflower to accomplish the Live processing.

Perhaps the ad_rewire can only be configured with Ableton Live when its audio input is set to either Max 6 or Max 7 and that can’t work with the Standalone.

Regardless, I am able to function without ad_rewire. I just thought that since it appears as an option, it should function.

Thanks for any help/advice.