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A bug occurs when I evaluate a Poly exceeding a certain duration (see report in PJ). I had encountered a similar problem in 2014, solved by Jean by initiating the system::stack-overflow-behaviour variable on NIL, which seems to be the case now. Does anyone have a solution to propose to me? Many thanks in advance.
Philippe Boivin

PS: I use the OM 7.0 version on MacOS Montery 12.5.1

Dear Philippe,

Can you attach the patch so we can debug? Because it seems this is not a Stack overflow problem, but it appears it is something else.

Thank you in advance


Thank you Karim,
for your legendary reactivity. Here is the Patch but I am afraid that it is not very useful since the Internal Lisp-Function which sends the data to the POLY refers to countless functions of my Opus library. However, I can send you a link to download my entire library. Also for your information, the patch sometimes miraculously manages to evaluate itself at the very beginning of a work session. Maybe a RAM problem? Otherwise, I don’t know if it’s related to my current problem, I randomly get error messages when launching OM 7.0 that didn’t exist before (OM 6 + OSX Catalina). In this case, I restart OM and everything comes back in order afterwards.

1 score.omp (103 KB)

Bug Foreign code.pdf (130 KB)

Bug GraphicsPort.png

Dear Philippe,

First, let me suggest you that you use the latest OM release version 7.1 which is far more stable. The graphicsPort null pointer error comes from the new LW8 portage of OM and should be fixed now with this latest version.

Maybe your patch will work better. However, since you say that your “patch miraculously” evaluate itself, it could be also another issue.

I will give it a try and report back.


Dear Philippe,

Unless you have heavily modified OM’s midi-player, and code, what seems to be rather unorthodox is that your polys have floating point midi channel. This might be one of the reasons that OM is failing to perform.

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