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Speech follower for theater

Hello all,

I’ve been doing a theater piece recently, and I’ve been looking for a “speech follower” tool. I came across a post by @beller which mentions this, but the webpage is missing. Could you point to me which Max environment is best suited for this (gf in mubu, Antescofo, or just some more advanced descriptor stuff)? Or perhaps there isn’t something there yet?


Hello @arnaub,

would you be so kind as to indicate the “old” link so that I can refresh it?
I would recommend trying VoiceFollower~ as a first step. Then, depending on what you want to track in the voice, you can supplement with a {descriptor+gesture following} approach.

Hope this helps !

Merci @beller. I was referring to this link here ® Speech Follower |, which is the first one that comes on Google.

Hello all!

Following on the previous post, I have made a little Max for Live device using the voice follower object, which is available for free download on the forum. Please contribute to it, and donate here if you find it useful!

Download it here: https://forum.ircam.fr/projects/detail/voice-follower-for-live/