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In the attributes this is called: “threshold for perceptual spectral *rolloff* in percent of spectrum”.
The name says something different: it is a stop band for the spectral deviation.
Also the unit does not seem to be a percentage of the spectrum.

The same goes for HarmonicSpectralDeviationStopBand.
See also pipo.catalog.

What does this actually do?
The Peeters paper (2004) does not really substitute for some real documentation.

it needs to be taken literally: the spectral deviation is calculated over that many bands / harmonics. I’ll correct the help, thanks!

It’s also in the ‘object action menu’ (the yellow button at the left of the object) in attributes.

So, if I understand correctly: if I enter the number 10, it will calculate the standard deviation based on the mean amplitudes of 10 harmonics?